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Come to the Wishing Wall!

For those of you attending the "Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces" Community Meeting on April 29, you got the first look at our "wishing wall."  Here's your opportunity to "make a wish" for what, you think, will make the library an exciting and energizing place.

Poy Sippi Library Gets a Grant!

The Poy SIppi Library is one of fifteen libraries in the nation to receive the "Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces" Grant and the only library in Wisconsin!  This project is lead in partnership with the OCLC and Association for Rural and Small Libraries.  Over the next 15 months, the library will be working with community members to reimagine and reconfigure library space to encourage socially engaging and active learning at the library.  After conducting community input, action planning and prototyping, the library will create their learning spaces, using a $5,000 sub-grant toward materia


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