Come to the Wishing Wall!

For those of you attending the "Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces" Community Meeting on April 29, you got the first look at our "wishing wall."  Here's your opportunity to "make a wish" for what, you think, will make the library an exciting and energizing place. We've gathered some very interesting ideas and hope that you will come and add to them.  I learned about the ice skating rink in the back, unfortunately we can't bring that back.  BUT, we can offer coffee; a suggestion made by many.  The adult conversation pit was a very interesting idea and will be looked at closely by the Project Team. Our next Community Gathering will be at Poy Sippi Days, June 22.  If you have suggestions, wishes, changes you think should be made - come in the library and post them on the Wishing Wall.

We were pleased with the great turnout and welcomed Wisconsin State Representative Kevin Petersen to take part in the evening, along with members of the Library Board.